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Impact Gloves GAF-181

1. Aqua Blue Two-Way Spandex Back: • Crafted with an aqua blue two-way spandex back, ensuring flexibility and comfort for extended wear. 2. Expansion Gusset Cuff: • Equipped with an expansion gusset cuff, facilitating ease of donning, and enhancing overall user convenience. 3. Exceptional Impact Dissipation: • GAF impact gloves provide an average of 20% more impact dissipation compared to other gloves with similar height. 4. Orange Grid Pattern Reinforced Palm: • The reinforced palm, featuring an orange grid pattern, is tailored to provide exceptional grip in dry, wet, or oily conditions. 5. Patented D3O® TPR Back-of-Hand Protection: • Patented D3O® TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) provides advanced protection on the back of the hand, combining flexibility with impact resistance. 6. Reinforced Thumb Crotch: • Strategically reinforced thumb crotch enhances strength in a high-stress area, contributing to the gloves' overall durability. 7. Slip-On Cuff with Pull Tab and ID Panel: • The slip-on cuff, complemented by a pull tab and ID panel, ensures a secure fit, ease of removal, and personalization options. 8. Tan Suede Synthetic Leather Palm and Fourchettes: • Tan suede synthetic leather palm and fourchettes enhance durability, providing reliable performance in various work conditions.

Impact Gloves GAF-182

Premium Construction: Crafted with high-quality white grain goat skin for luxurious feel and durability, complemented by Aramid lining. Comfortable Slip-On Cuff: Designed with a slip-on cuff for a comfortable fit, ensuring ease of wear and removal during tasks. Advanced Impact Protection: Strategically placed TPR overlays provide added impact protection, enhancing safety in high-stress situations. Robust Cut and Abrasion Resistance: Tested to EN 388 standards, achieving impressive ratings for Abrasion (3), Blade Cut (5), Tear (2), and Puncture (3). High Cut Resistance Levels: Attains ANSI Cut Level A4 and EN388 Cut Level 5, demonstrating superior cut resistance for increased safety in various work environments.

Impact Gloves GAF-183

Impact Protection Padding TPR injection molded padding on fingers, knuckles, and palm for impact protection with flexibility. Superior Grip Material Proprietary SkidX microfiber palm material for superior grip, with extra layer between thumb and forefinger. Reflective Back Hand Reflective tape on back of hand for enhanced visibility and safety. Cut Resistance Cut-resistant Dyneema fiber blended into latex palm coating. Secure Ergonomic Fit Ergonomic stretch Lycra side panels on saddle cuff for secure fit.

Impact Gloves GAF-184

• Padded high visibility back with reflective knuckle strap for impact protection and increased visibility. • Fourchette fingers allow greater dexterity while preventing debris entry. • Neoprene wrist with pull tab ensures secure, comfortable fit. • Aramid fiber reinforced palm sewing resists abrasion and cuts. • TPR molded knuckle padding absorbs impacts while remaining flexible

Impact Gloves GAF-185

• Injection molded TPR padding protects knuckles, fingers, and palm from impacts while remaining flexible. • Heat and oil resistant SkidX grip material in the palm and between thumb and forefinger. • Reinforced saddle and wrist design for secure fit. • Reflective accents and high visibility back for enhanced hand visibility. • Cut and oil resistant construction for durability.

Impact Gloves GAF-186

• Spandex/polyester fabric back-of-hand resists abrasion and tearing. • TPR reinforcements on back absorb impacts while allowing flexibility. • Synthetic leather palm with reinforcements prevents abrasion and punctures. • Hook and loop wrist closure with cuff pull tab for adjustable, secure fit. • Finger and knuckle padding protects from knocks and scrapes.

Impact Gloves GAF-187

Comprehensive Hand Protection: Designed to safeguard hands on hazardous work sites, providing both protection and strong grip control. Flexible TPR Impact Shields: Features flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact shields on the back, offering impact protection that bends with the fingers and provides continuous coverage from fingertips to wrist. Oil-Resistant Skid-X[TM] Grip: Palm equipped with an oil-resistant, one-piece Skid-X[TM] grip, double-stitched with Kevlar[R] thread for a robust grip control and enhanced durability. Neoprene Long Cuff: Incorporates a neoprene long cuff that covers the wrist, allowing easy removal if caught in a pinch or machinery, while ensuring extended protection. Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the gloves feature Kevlar thread stitching and a one-piece Skid-X grip for reliable performance in challenging work environments.

Impact Gloves GAF-188

Effective TPR Impact Protection: Equipped with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) back-of-hand impact protection, meeting ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2 standards for enhanced safety. Lightweight and Supple Goatskin: Constructed with goatskin, offering a lightweight, soft, and supple feel for improved comfort during prolonged use. Exceptional Abrasion Resistance: Boasts high abrasion resistance and tensile strength, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding work conditions. Keystone Thumb for Dexterity: Features a keystone thumb design, enhancing dexterity and flexibility for intricate tasks. Easy to Pull On Elastic Sewn Wrist: Designed with an easy-to-pull-on elastic sewn wrist, providing a secure fit while keeping out dirt and debris for a clean and protected working experience.

Impact Gloves GAF-189

Comfortable Spandex Construction: Crafted with five-fingered spandex for flexibility and comfort during various tasks. Neoprene Cuff for Added Protection: Features a black neoprene cuff, providing additional protection and ensuring a secure fit. Synthetic Leather for Durability: Utilizes synthetic leather that is extra durable and lightweight, enhancing longevity and reducing hand fatigue. Green Rubber Pads for Enhanced Protection: Incorporates additional green rubber pads to protect the thumbs, knuckles, and the back of the fingers, ensuring comprehensive hand safety. Versatile Design for Various Tasks: Designed to offer a balance of flexibility, durability, and protection, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks and work environments.

Impact Gloves GAF-190

Reinforced Synthetic Suede Palm: Features a reinforced synthetic suede palm, providing durability and enhanced grip for various tasks. Breathable Polyester Knit Back of Hand: Incorporates a breathable polyester knit on the back of the hand, ensuring comfort and ventilation during extended use. TPR Impact Protection: Equipped with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact protection, safeguarding hands from impacts and potential injuries. Terry Cloth Sweat Wipe: Includes a convenient terry cloth sweat wipe, offering a quick solution for wiping away perspiration during intense work.

Impact Gloves GAF-191

Durable Construction: Synthetic leather palm paired with a flexible spandex back for a blend of durability and comfort. TPR Impact Protection: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact protection on the back of the hand enhances safety by shielding against impacts. Vibration-Dampening Palm Pads: Features vibration-dampening palm pads to minimize the impact of vibrations, providing added comfort during extended use. High Cut and Abrasion Resistance: ANSI Cut Level A7 palm liner ensures excellent cut resistance, while ANSI Abrasion 5 and ANSI Puncture 4 ratings attest to robust durability. EN388 3433FP Certification: Complies with EN388 standards,signifying high performance in abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance for versatile protection.

Impact Gloves GAF-192

Effective Impact Protection: Back-of-hand protection designed to resist impacts, ensuring safety without compromising flexibility or dexterity. PVC Sure Grip® Palm Patches: Palm features PVC Sure Grip® patches for excellent grip and enhanced fingertip protection, promoting secure handling. Durable Kevlar® Thumb Patch: Incorporates a Kevlar® thumb patch to prevent wear-through in high-stress areas, enhancing durability and longevity. Adjustable Hook and Loop Cuffs: Equipped with adjustable hook and loop cuffs, providing added protection and ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during various tasks.