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Machenical Gloves GAF-156

Kevlar-Lined Construction: Constructed with Kevlar lining for enhanced impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and overall durability. ANSI Cut Level A5: Achieves an ANSI cut level of A5, ensuring high resistance against cuts for added safety. Padded Palm and D30 Impact Protection: Features a padded palm for additional comfort and D30 impact protection, providing reliable impact resistance. Full-Finger Coverage: Offers full-finger coverage, ensuring comprehensive protection for the entire hand. Elastic Closure: Equipped with an elastic closure for a secure and adjustable fit, enhancing overall comfort and stability.

Machenical Gloves GAF-157

3D-Structured Protection: Features 3D-structured PVC/TPR patches for effective impact protection. Vibration Resistance: Neoprene padding provides stereoscopic vibration resistance. Abrasion Resistance: Synthetic leather with PVC reinforcement achieves EN388 Level 3 abrasion resistance (2800 cycles). Genuine abrasive cow leather meets EN388 Level 3 (2000 cycles) for abrasion resistance and tear resistance (Level 3 under 50N). Ergonomic Design: 45° angle cut and pre-curved fingers for tailored fit, flexibility, and comfort. Touchscreen Compatibility: Thumb, index, and middle fingertips are touchscreen compatible for smartphone control. Secure Closure: Hook & loop closure ensures a secure and adjustable fit.

Machenical Gloves GAF-158

Water-Resistant Palm: Synthetic suede palm provides water-resistant properties for enhanced protection. Breathable Back of Hand: Polyester knit back of hand offers breathability, keeping hands comfortable during use. Impact Protection: Neoprene knuckle design provides impact protection, safeguarding against potential injuries. Sweat Wipe: Includes a terry cloth sweat wipe for convenient moisture management during work.

Machenical Gloves GAF-159

Neoprene Back with TPR Reinforcement: The back of the glove is crafted from neoprene, reinforced with TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) on the fingers for added durability and protection. Slip-On Style with Shirred Elastic Wrist: Designed for convenience with a slip-on style, featuring a shirred elastic wrist for a secure and comfortable fit. Yellow Goat Grain Leather: The palm of the glove is made from premium yellow goat grain leather, known for its softness, durability, and abrasion resistance. Versatile Application: Ideal for various tasks where hand protection, durability, and a comfortable fit are crucial.

Machenical Gloves GAF-160

Synthetic Leather Palm: The palm is made of black synthetic leather, providing durability and protection. Foam-Padded Reinforcement: Features foam-padded reinforcement on the palm for added impact protection. Fluorescent Lime Spandex Back: The back is constructed with fluorescent lime spandex material, offering flexibility and visibility. Neoprene Knuckle: Neoprene knuckle design enhances flexibility and impact resistance for better hand protection. Touchscreen Capability: Touchscreen feature on the thumb and index finger for convenient device use without removing the gloves. Secure Closure: Equipped with a hook and loop closure for a secure and adjustable fit.

Machenical Gloves GAF-161

Goat Grain Leather Palm: Durable and abrasion-resistant palm made from high-quality goat grain leather. Spandex/Polyester Back: The back of the glove is constructed with a blend of spandex and polyester, providing flexibility and comfort. Elastic Wrist with Hook and Loop Closure: Designed with an elastic wrist and hook and loop closure for a secure and adjustable fit. Thinsulate Insulation: Includes Thinsulate insulation for effective warmth, making them suitable for cold weather conditions. Waterproof Treatment on Palm: The palm of the gloves is treated with a waterproof coating, providing effective protection against water and moisture

Machenical Gloves GAF-162

Back of Hand Impact Protection: Designed with impact protection on the back of the hand, ensuring safety without compromising dexterity during work. Sweat Management Feature: Includes a terry cloth sweat wipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb, allowing for quick brow wipes to stay focused on the task. Hook & Loop Closure: Adjustable hook and loop closure ensure a secure custom fit, optimizing performance and comfort. Increased Donning Speed: The Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Cuff Puller facilitates swift positioning of the glove, enhancing the donning speed for efficient use.

Machenical Gloves GAF-163

Breathable Fabric Back: Incorporates breathable fabric at the back of the hand for comfort during extended wear. Thick TPR Reinforcement: Features reinforced thick TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) for impact protection, ensuring safety on the job. Palm made of Synthetic Leather: Synthetic leather palm for durability, reinforced with soft padding to enhance comfort and reduce hand fatigue. Hook and Loop Closure: Utilizes a hook and loop closure for a secure and adjustable fit, ensuring a personalized and snug feel. Neoprene Cuff: Neoprene cuff design adds flexibility and comfort, providing additional wrist support.

Machenical Gloves GAF-164

Breathable Mesh Fabric: Incorporates breathable mesh fabric at the back of the hand for enhanced ventilation, ensuring comfort during prolonged wear. Reinforced Embossed Neoprene with TPR: Employs reinforced embossed neoprene with added TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) in critical areas on the back for heightened durability and impact protection. Synthetic Leather Padded Palm: Features a padded palm made of synthetic leather, combining durability and comfort for extended use. Touchscreen Friendly: Designed with touchscreen-friendly capability on fingertips, allowing convenient use of electronic devices without removing the gloves. Neoprene Cuff: Equipped with a neoprene cuff, providing flexibility and a snug fit around the wrist. Hook and Loop Closure: Utilizes a hook and loop closure system for secure and adjustable fastening, ensuring a personalized and secure fit.

Machenical Gloves GAF-167

Breathable Polyester Fabric: Utilizes breathable polyester fabric on the back, promoting ventilation and keeping hands cool during tasks. Impact and Abrasion Protection: Incorporates Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) for impact and abrasion protection, particularly across the knuckles. Touch Screen Compatibility: Features conductive material on Thumb, Index, and Middle fingers, allowing easy use of touch screen devices without glove removal. Secure and Comfortable Fit: Adjustable Hook and Loop with Velcro fastening ensures a secure fit, and high dexterity at fingertips provides comfort and precision. Convenient Sweat Wipe: Includes a Terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of the thumb for efficient sweat management without distraction.

Machenical Gloves GAF-167

High-Quality Leather Palm: Crafted with a premium grain leather palm for durability and long-lasting performance. Enhanced Grip with Fingertip Reinforcements: Fingertip reinforcements are incorporated to enhance grip and ensure precise control during tasks. Adjustable Fit with Hook and Loop Closure: Features a leather pull tab with hook and loop closure, allowing for an adjustable and secure fit tailored to individual preferences. Knuckle Reinforcement: Leather reinforcement on the back of the knuckles provides additional protection and durability. Breathable Stretch Back: The breathable stretch back design promotes airflow, keeping hands cool and dry, enhancing overall comfort during use.

Machenical Gloves GAF-168

Breathable and Stretch Back: The back of the glove combines breathable and stretch fabrics for enhanced comfort and flexibility during use. Leather Reinforcement: Reinforced with leather on the back, providing additional durability and protection. Premium Goat Skin Leather Palm: The palm is made of premium goat skin leather, offering superior durability, flexibility, and a soft feel. Elastic Cuff and Hook-and-Loop Closure: Designed with an elastic cuff for a secure fit and ease of wearing. Features a hook-and-loop closure for additional adjustability and a customized fit.